"Never give up hope in the Mercy of Allah"

Fizza Qibtia originally shared: “Never give up hope in the Mercy of Allah”
(Surat Yūsuf, Verse 87)

At times we feel like we have sinned so much, that we believe Allah will not forgive us, we believe that we have angered Allah so much that we think that He will ignore our dua’s.

This is a trick of Shaytaan, Shaytaan wants you to give up hope in Allah, he wants you to think Allah wont answer your prayers, he wants you to forget about Allah. Dont be fooled by this.

Allah is the most forgiving, He is the most merciful, and we should turn to Him, ask Him for forgiveness. Allah’s mercy is one of the greatest things that we have at our disposal, and it is through Allah’s mercy in which we can attain Jannah. So ask Him for forgiveness, ask Him to forgive you for the minor sins as well as the major ones.

May Allah forgive us for our sins, the sins we have forgotten about and the sins we persistently commit. Oh Allah give us the guidance to turn to you and keep us away from the path of Shaytaan, it is only You we worship, and it is only You we ask for help. Indeed, You are the most forgiving, the most beneficent.

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