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A whole family destroyed for no other reason than for adhering to Islam!
The Chinese authorities have shot dead 3 and wounded 2 Uyghur muslim members of the same family in so called anti terror raids. A mother and her 2 sons 21 and 17 yrs old were shot dead whilst the father and daughter, 24 yrs of age were wounded, arrested and have been sentenced to prison for 12 and 8 yrs respectively.

Uyghur muslims have been targeted by the Chinese authorities for a number of years now. It seems practicing Islam has become a crime punishable by death. Last month a couple had their house demolished because they were ‘endangering state security’ due to teaching Quran to children in their home!

The revival of Islam globally is causing secular states all over the world to clamp down on their muslim communities. Whether it be in China or in the West, heavy handed anti terror legislation is being rolled out, labeling entire communities as extreme, radical and terrorists, when in reality these authorities are desperate to prevent the muslims from adhering to 'orthodox’ Islam. Why you may ask? Because it is orthodox Islam that will bring about a new world order, an alternative ideology to their corrupt secular capitalism, a completely different way of life that will bring peace and justice to the whole of mankind.

Lets work with urgency, exerting our full efforts to establish the Khilafah, the only system that is able to save and protect the Muslim Uyghurs and give them a dignified life for it will act as the shield of the Ummah, unifying all the Muslim lands and armies under the rule of Islam. It will use its powerful international standing to strike fear in the hearts of those regimes who dare to harm a single Muslim woman, alongside mobilising its soldiers without delay to liberate the Muslims from their oppression.

The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said,
“Indeed the Imam (Khaleefah) is a shield from behind whom (one) would fight and one would protect oneself.”

May Allah swt reward our brothers and sisters In China. May He swt protect the Uyghur muslims, strengthen their Imaan and keep them steadfast on Islam. Ameen


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