Regularly reciting the Adkhar for morning and evening...

A.I.R. originally shared: Regularly reciting the Adkhar for morning and evening…

One of the greatest means of protecting oneself against witchcraft is to persist in regularly reciting …the Adhkar for morning and evening. They prevent against witchcraft before itmhappens, protecting one against it and warding off its evil, and remedying it if it does happen. Ibn Al-Qayyim (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

Among the most effective divinely-prescribed remedies for witchcraft, indeed the only thing that works, for the effects of evil souls and warding off their effects can only be by means of that which opposes and resists them, namely Dhikr, the Qur’anic Verses and Du’as which cancel out their actions and effects.

The stronger they are the further they will spread.

This is like the meeting of two armies, each of which has its equipment and weapons with it; whichever of them overpowers the other and subdues it will emerge the victor.

If the heart is filled with remembrance of Allah and has Du’as, Dhikrs, prayers for refuge and a word which it never fails to recite, in which the person focuses with his heart and mind, this will be one of the greatest means of warding off witchcraft before it strikes and it is one of the greatest remedies for it after it has struck.

The magicians know that their witchcraft can only fully have an effect on hearts which are weak and easily influenced, those that are ruled by whims and desires and attached to trivial matters.

Hence those who are usually affected are women,

children and those who are ignorant and those who live in remote regions, or whose faith, trust in Allah and belief in Tawhid are weak, and who do not have a Wird, Du’as and prayers for refuge which they recite regularly. In conclusion, their influence usually affects those who are weak and easily influenced, and are inclined towards trivial things.

They said: The victim is the one who allows witchcraft to affect him, for we find his heart is attached to things on which he focuses a great deal, so they control his heart by means of the things towards which he is inclined. The evil souls are only able to gain control over souls which are ready to be overpowered because their hearts are already inclined towards something that is convenient for those evil souls and because they are devoid of spiritual strength and are not prepared to resist. So you find them empty, with no strength or means to fight, inclined towards something convenient, so they overpower them and are able to influence them by witchcraft and other means.

Imam Ahmad and Al-Tirmidhi narrated a lengthy Hadith from Al-Harith Al-Ash’ari, in which the Prophet (Peace and Blessing upon Him) said:

“… and I enjoin you to remember Allah, for this is like a man who is being pursued by the enemy, then he comes to a strong fortress and saves himself from them. Similarly a man cannot save himself from the Shaytan except by means of Dhikr.” Narrated by Ahmad in Al-Musnad, 408/202; Al-Tirmidhi, no.2867. This is a Sahih Hadith. View full size (500x690)