The truth

The truth

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Max Truth originally shared: Know humanities WORST Enemy = Rothschilds. There’s a global government that controls the entire world banking system and its epicentre is in the financial district of London, otherwise known as the square mile (A small district which is actually independent of England in the same way that the Vatican is independent from Italy). This Zionist banking cartel is controlled by one man called Lord Jadob Rothschild (jewish). This is what he looks like:

Sure looks the part doesn’t he.

The Rothschild family has controlled world finance since approximately the battle of Waterloo and today they control every major bank in the world including the US Federal Reserve, the bank of England, the European central bank, the peoples’ bank of China and every major bank in the world. All of these banking institutions are actually privately owned by the Rothschilds and are not governmental institutions as people are led to believe: There’s nothing federal about the ‘fed’.

This is how the scam works: Say that the US gov’t needs $20 billion for a new missile program. It goes to the US Federal Reserve, which is owned by the Rothschilds, and asks for $20 billion. The fed’ then prints $20 billion and issues it to the US gov’t as a loan which has to be paid back in full with interest! Gone are the days when national governments printed their own currency for free. Nowadays every note printed has to be paid back to the Zionist banking cartel with interest and this is the reason that all national governments anywhere in the world have a national debt. The US national debt now stands at over $17.5 trillion, every penny of it being owed to Lord Rothschild…

It is this very system of debt/credit that keeps the entire world in a state if servitude. The Zionist bankers control the ebb and flow of credit. They therefore control national governments, the media and all major institutions by proxy.

Yes, the Rothschilds are Jewish and they are at the head of global Zionism.

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