Prophecy hadiths on #Syria , #Yemen , #Iraq and #Palestine (Alquds)

ALLAH Al AZIZ originally shared: Prophecy hadiths on #Syria , #Yemen , #Iraq and #Palestine (Alquds)

I often come across our Muslim brothers who are confused about whats happening in Iraq, Syria, Palestine and yemen.

Some say. ..

1) The fight in Palestine is for land.

2) The war in Syria is a political battle.a battle for seizing power. A conspiracy of the west against to topple the government.

3)The mujaheddin are terrorists.

In that case…the above hadiths reveal something…

If at all we believe in the hadiths and sunnah of our Prophet pbuh. ..

We just need to ask ourselves..

1) Which is the armed group our beloved Prophet pbuh mentioning in the above hadiths.

2)Which armed group is fighting at the gates of Alquds (palestine) and damascus (syria)

3) The group has been deserted by the world…but still they continue fighting…

We are left with just 3 choices…

1)Israel (Zionists)

2) Bashr al assad (Alawi, Rafidah)

3) Mujaheddin.

Choice is ours…and if our choice is 1 or 2….in that case the mujaheddin will be terrorists for us…

Let’s ponder.

Please note the hadith (prophecy) did not fulfill in the lifetime of our Prophet pbuh…

Because the sahabi (rad) says to our Prophet pbuh…”if I reach that time”.

And most important

Where are the best servants of Allah azzawajal?

A: The hadith narrates…the best servants of Allah azzawajal will be gathered in Shaam (syria, Palestine).


"Allah has on my(Prophet pbuh) account taken special charge of Shaam (Syria, Palestine) and its people."

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