Please share this....

Please share this….


Aalia Khan Yousafzai originally shared: I feel so helpless. Someone needs to put a stop to this mass genocide

Sign the petition and maybe there is hope.

Innocent civilians are dying in Palestine; children and old people alike and this can NEVER be fair, regardless of the dire situation Israelis claim they’re in in order to be giving permission for mass murder.

This is slaughter and we know it, whatever the media tries to say while so far, Israel is as safe as it always was while bombs are being aimed at HOMES.. All they wanted was their land, their right. All they did was stand up for their rights. And they are dying. They are being killed, and no one can do anything about it. If the governments, especially the MUSLIM countries don’t help them, then not only are they making a show of their nonchalance and cruelty, but there will be nothing for us to do but watch and cry tears of blood in our hearts.

Israel needs to stop and it is possible if we unify against such an atrocity.

I see hope in making a change and signing this petition-

And the one I made before I found out about this one-

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