Indeed the best youth.

Indeed the best youth.

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Is the following a Hadith, and what does it mean?

“The best of your youths are those who resemble men of mature age, while the worst of your men of middle age are those who resemble youths.” [‘Ali Mawardi, Adab al-Dunya wa’l-Din 27; Ghazali, Ihya’ ‘Ulum al-Din i, 142; al-Manawi, al-Fayd al-Kabir iii, 487.]

The Answer:

I have heard that it is a Hadith. Its meaning is this:

"The best youth is he who thinks of death like an elderly person, and working for the hereafter, is not one of those who become captive to the passions of youth and drown in heedlessness. And the worst of your elderly people is he who tries to resemble the young in heedlessness and passion, and follows the lusts of the soul like a child."

(from Risalei Nur Collection written by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi)

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