Assalam alaikum wa rahamatu allahi wa barakatuh[May the peace and blessings of Allah(swt) be on you]
This Blog is a comprehensive islamic data bank.This blog is a repository of Islamic Literature,articles,ebooks,videos,islamic hymns and miscellaneous other literature etc which can be accessed or downloaded to your computer.Some of the best youtube videos on islam are embedded on the website.The repository has been composed through extensive research on the internet and relevant resources comprising books,articles,journals,magazines,discussion with islamic scholars etc.You can also contact me on my email id - islamicintrospection@gmail.com for any feedback,help,queries etc.The sole purpose behind this endeavour is to provide any information relating to ISLAM in the form of literature,audio files,videos,photos,web links,forums,wikis to name a few.

My objective is to work for the propagation of islamic theology and metaphysics,develop an asset based islamic financial system seeking economic equality and work for the educational upliftment and enlightment of muslims and truth seekers.

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